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Data Collection

The Make-feedback system allows a variety of data collection methods.

The data collected can then be brought together to provide a measurement tool for a particular unit or group of units and provide the associated insight into clients feedback.

Display your number

You can display a text number and a client can text the number in order to provide feedback.

Display feedback with a poster

Face to face

A staff member can enter client's feedback directly into the Make-feedback software.
Collect feedback face to face

Paper forms

A client can fill in a questionnaire on paper which can be entered into the system at a later date.
Collect feedback by paper forms

Send SMS to client

An organisation can send a text to a client in order to receive feedback.
Collect feedback by sms


A client can provide feedback via the Make-feedback website and e-mail. These functions can be branded.
Collect feedback from Make-feedback website

Direct to device

A member of the public can enter their feedback directly into a device such as a tablet. Our system operates via Android and such devices are getting cheaper and cheaper.
Make-feedback Android app

The Make-feedback Reports

The Make-feedback system provides a variety of reports that relate to The Ultimate Question (UQ) and the Net Promoter Score (NPS)®.

Users can view reports based on individual units, groups of units or an organisation as a whole. The user can choose any time period they wish, therefore, projected improvements can be measured from period to period.

Reports can also show promoters, detractors and passives again for each level of the organisation as well as time periods of their choice.

These reports can be viewed online, via an app, or can be exported to an excel file in presentation form.

The Make-feedback alert system will let you know via SMS or email of a score within a range of your choosing.