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The UK government has recently announced that they will be adopting the Friends and Family Test to the National Health Service (NHS) in order to improve customer feedback. Indeed, the first results are coming in as of July 2012. These can be found via a simple google search.

The Friends and Family Test is a variant of the Ultimate Question (UQ) and NPS® methodology.

With the use of the Make-feedback system, it will allow patients to provide feedback on paper, face to face, via the website and via sms.

Measure the performance of any unit or department in a hospital

Healthcare organisations will be able to receive feedback from individual units, groups of departments (such as x-ray units) which they can use to measure their performance. They can also view feedback between any dates they choose.

Research behind the use of Net Promoter Score (NPS)®

In comparison to more traditional feedback methodology, research has shown that the Friends and Family Test (UQ) can offer valuable feedback in relation to staff in hospitals.

CQC research casts doubt on the NHS Friends and family test

Research by the Picker Institute and the CQC has cast doubts on the operation of the NHS Friends and Family test.

The research does not recommend the Net Promoter score® (Friends and Family test) rather instead recommends the ‘Overall’ test.

It was found that interviewees reacted badly to the concept of ‘recommendation’, particularly in the mental health setting. Interviewees misunderstood what the question was asking.

The Overall Question provides an 11 point Likert scale and provides a continuum of ‘Overall I had a very poor experience’ to ‘Overall I had a very good experience’.

The status and influence of the CQC provides an interesting counter-weight to the enthusiasm displayed by the NHS towards the friends and family test.

The full research can be viewed via this link

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