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Our Feedback System

The feedback system that we have adopted is primarily based on what is termed The Ultimate Question and the Net Promoter Score system (NPS)®.

An example of The Ultimate Question is on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most likely, what are the chances you would recommend our service to friends or family?

Depending on the score, a subsequent question can be asked. If a good score is received, the client can be asked why the organisation did well. If a poorer score is received, the client can be asked what one or two things can improve the organisation.

As an organisation receives feedback, it can alter its services accordingly and this should improve the feedback score received from the clients. Further information regarding the net promoter score is available via a link on this site.

Our system allows a varied array of data entry methods. Clients can provide feedback via SMS, email, paper, via handheld app as well as other methods.

Your organisation can view reports in realtime, by individual unit, over a particular time period that it chooses and these reports can be downloaded in presentable form.

Realtime Alerts

The system will inform you immediately where a particular type of score is received. This can allow an organisation to react in realtime. You can be informed by SMS or email.